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So you are looking for free web site content... How would you like to add a free word search puzzle to your site? It's easy --just follow the instructions below! (You can even customize the puzzle so that it matches the theme of your site!)

First, click here to download the ZIP-file (or "archive") When your computer asks you what to do with the file, simply save it to your hard disk.

Next, "unZIP" the puzzle and some additional materials from the archive, using a program like WinZip.

As you will see, the archive contains four files:

  1. free_ps.class
  2. free_ps$W.class
  3. fr-ps-en.txt
  4. example.htm
The first two files (ending in ".class") contain the actual word search puzzle program, written in Java; do not modify these two files!

The third file, which must be called "fr-ps-en.txt", contains the data for the puzzle. You should replace the words in this file by words of your own choosing; but again, do not change the file name, or the puzzle won't work!

Finally, "example.htm" contains some very simple HTML code that shows you how to use the program.

The code consists of three different parts that are all required.

First, we have the APPLET tag that specifies the Java applet (in this case: the word search puzzle) that will run in your web page:

<applet name="ps" code="free_ps.class" width=350 height=235></applet>

Second, we have the JavaScript links that are used to start the puzzle:

<a href=";">START</a>

and to give up:

<a href=";">GIVE UP</a>

And finally, there is a "credit line" with a link back to our site:

<a target="_blank" href="">People Search</a>

You may only use our program on your site if it is accompanied by this "credit line" with the exact (unmodified) link back to us. If that is not acceptable to you, do not use our program on your site!

(We do not ask any money for the program; you could think of the link as a kind of "payment" that benefits us, yet does not cost you anything... Thanks in advance!)

Obviously, you do not have to use the file "example.htm" —you may also use the program from a page that you've written yourself. Just make sure that it contains the three required parts described above (i.e., the APPLET tag, the JavaScript links and the credit line with the link back to our site)!

When you have added your own words to the data file (one word per line; maximum word length: 10 characters) and modified the HTML page (or created your own), you simply transfer (or "upload") the four files to your web server, like you always do. (Make sure to use binary transfer mode for the two class files, or the puzzle won't work!)

While these instructions may seem a bit lengthy and detailed, adding our program to your site should actually be quite easy and straightforward...

We hope you and your visitors will enjoy the puzzle. Happy solving!

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